We are D. T. Packs & Wood Industries Lanka

D. T. Packs & Wood Industries Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a pioneering company established in 2016, dedicated to the production of environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and durable wooden pallets for the export and manufacturing industries. Committed to sustainability and eco-conscious business practices, our mission is to provide high-quality pallets while minimizing environmental impact.

The core activity of D. T. Pack & Wood Industries Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the manufacturing of wooden pallets designed for packing purposes to support local exporters. By supplying essential packaging solutions, we play a vital role in facilitating the export activities of our clients, thereby contributing to the growth of the local export industry.

The company imports pine wood in various sizes and cuts the wood according to customer requirements to produce the wooden pallets. Additionally, rubber wood, which is sourced from local suppliers, is used in production. The seasonal nature of the local rubber wood supply may influence production planning.

Why Choose D.T. Packs

Our customers choose D. T. Packs for unparalleled expertise in crafting environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and durable wooden pallets. With over a decade of industry-leading experience, we stand out as your trusted partner for reliable logistics support. Our commitment to excellence is backed by legal accreditation, ensuring quality and compliance. Elevate your operations with D. T. Packs – Where Precision Meets Reliability.

Experienced Team

We take great pride in our dedicated team, integral to our success. Committed to meeting client expectations and maintaining high production standards, our family-oriented ethos fosters loyalty and growth. Unwavering commitment to employee development ensures our business performs at its best.

Highest Quality Equipments

We prioritize quality and affordability through cutting-edge equipment, adhering to ISPM 15 standards. Our commitment extends to maintaining wood moisture levels at a controlled 14%, ensuring excellence in every product.


Proactively investing in cutting-edge infrastructure, technology, and skilled staff. Our sites boast high-tech production lines, ensuring market-leading pallet production capabilities for unparalleled quality and efficiency.

Quality Matters When Shipping

Trust in the safe arrival of your goods with us. As leaders in providing top-quality wood pallets and shipping skids, we leverage decades of expertise to cater to diverse packaging needs.

Visionary Leadership Meet Our Directors

Meet the innovative minds steering our company’s vision and strategy. Learn about their expertise, leadership, and commitment to driving success

Shanmuganathan Prabhakran

A seasoned professional in the industry, manages the business. He is well-regarded by customers for his expertise in maintaining high-quality standards and ensuring timely delivery, both of which are critical success factors in the export industry.

Periyasamy Boopathiraja

An experienced professional of Indian nationality, played a significant role in the initial setup of the business. His technical knowledge and industry experience have contributed to the company's development and success.

Victor Pramilaa

A qualified accounting professional, Victor Pramilaa is responsible for overseeing the company’s finance department. Her professionalism, expertise, and strategic acumen help us drive our company to be financially strong.

Market Potential and Growth Opportunities

With a market potential exceeding three hundred thousand pallets, D. T. Pack & Wood Industries Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is strategically positioned to meet the growing demand for high-quality pallets. Anticipating a 30% to 35% shortage in supply, we recognize this as an opportunity to expand our production capacity and meet the needs of the market.

Supply Chain and Raw Materials

To meet the demands of our customers, we utilize pine wood as our core raw material for pallet production. Additionally, we import supplementary materials necessary for the manufacturing process. Through efficient utilization of resources, we aim to cater to various customer demands and ensure the highest quality of our products.

Management and Workforce

Currently, the company employs a workforce of thirteen on a temporary basis. However, there is an ongoing effort to restructure the workforce to establish a permanent team. The company’s focus is on continuous improvement through lean practices while ensuring adherence to health and safety standards in line with industry regulations.